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Following the smashing success of the 2018 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, Collider has partnered up again with Amazing Comic Con for our event in Honolulu, Hawaii February 22-23-24. Collider will host panels and exclusive content throughout the weekend and beyond.

Collider is the ultimate source for impactful entertainment news. They deliver the biggest, most important industry happenings, and provide deep analysis and sharp commentary through interviews, reviews, and much more. Amazing Comic Con Aloha is proud to partner with Collider, and has brought top personal to Honolulu, Hawaii. Their team members will be on the show floor meeting fans, and hosting panels non-stop through the weekend!

PERRI NEMIROFF is the Senior Producer over at Collider where she’s also a panelist and host on Collider Movie Talk, For Your Consideration and The Witching Hour. She’s also a very familiar face on the junket circuit, and is always eager and thrilled to talk about the process of filmmaking. Perri’s got a background in journalism with her BA from NYU, and also holds an MFA in film from Columbia University. It’s non-stop movie coverage and celebration for Perri and she wouldn’t have it any other way. You can follow Perri on social media- Twitter and Instagram @Pnemiroff

COY JANDREAU has been reading and collecting comics since he was four years old. His collection/obsession is just about to pass the 17,000 books mark. (Spider-Man & Deadpool are his guys if you were wondering). He’s turned that passion for comics (& Movies) into a career, Hosting Collider Heroes, Marvel Movie News, Comic Sense & much more..You may also know him from his appearances, as a comic and film expert, on Nerdist, Screen Junkies, Geek & Sundry’s Wednesday Club, Smosh, Chaotic Awesome, Collider Movie Talk & many other programs. You’ve seen his byline in Wizard Magazine, Rogue, Ranker and more. You’ve seen him in the field for Collider reporting from Amazing Con Las Vegas. Movie Fighting for Screen Junkies in SDCC & Wondercon. As well as covering San Diego Comic Con for Nerdist. Not to mention coverage for countless junkets and Red Carpets. You can follow Coy on social media- Twitter and Instagram- @CoyJandreau

For Updates on Amazing Comic Con Aloha taking place in Honolulu, Hawaii, please continue to check back on our official website and through our social media channels:

Instagram @AmazingComicCon

AMAZING COMIC CON ALOHA is Hawaii’s premiere Pop Culture Fan Fest, taking place in Honolulu February 22-23-24. The event returns to the Hawaii Convention Center bigger than ever before, a fusion of the very best creators and pop personalities in the world, added with local favorites from the Hawaii Community, extensive programming, an International Artist Alley, and the Wizards of Cosplay.

Tickets for AMAZING COMIC CON ALOHA are ON SALE NOW through our website with Single Day to Full Three Day Weekend Passes Available. VIP and Other Premium Packages are still available on an extremely limited, first come/first serve basis.

Discounted Tickets for members of the Military are available at ITT Centers on base.

Kids 10 and Under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing Comic Con ALOHA!

About Collider

Collider is the ultimate source for impactful entertainment news. They deliver the biggest, most important industry happenings, and provide deep analysis and sharp commentary through interviews, reviews, and much more. Since the website began in July 2005, they’ve been dedicated to delivering content that is thoughtful, analytical, and all-encompassing, with a tinge of personality for good measure. Whether it’s the latest news on David Fincher’s next project, an exclusive interview with the star of an upcoming superhero movie, a humorous and insightful recap of last night’s buzzworthy episode of television, or a status update on the ongoing Oscar race, they’ve got you covered.

And that’s not to mention the diverse, exciting video content on their YouTube channel, featuring beloved shows like Movie Talk, Jedi Council, Heroes, and of course Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Colorful personalities, strong opinions, but always delivered with the passion of true entertainment fans.

If you’re looking for the latest reports from the world of film and television, or fun, insightful, and playful video content, Collider is where you want to be.

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