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With under 2 weeks before doors open in Honolulu, Amazing Comic Con Aloha placed our final listing of VIP and Premium Packages. These are available to fans of Hawaii HERE Since our early convention announcements, we have created premium experiences centered around our top guests, and events taking place at the Amazing Comic Con Aloha. Many of our original premium ticket package listings sold out quickly- from the Marvel Infinity to Skottie Young, and more. Others such as Harley Quinn, Turtles and Overwatch are NEARLY sold out. We have replaced new, additional Premium Ticket Packages to accommodate the requests, while still maintaining the integrity of the limited nature of the packages. New Premium Ticket Package Listings include: *Amazing Spider-Man *History of the DCUniverse/Teen Titans *Deadpool *Antman & The Wasp *ANIME Package featuring My Hero Academia You can purchase your Premium Tickets HERE ! While these packages do NOT include admission to Amazing Comic Con Aloha, you will receive perks such as Early Admission, Premium Lanyard/Badge, and loads of swag. Further, you will be able to participate in our annual Pre-Con Party on Thursday August 23. Here, you can avoid the bottleneck at the box office, pick up your badge and gift bag, and join us for a cocktail at the Mai Tai Bar. Regardless of the ticket packages that you, and your friends and family select, Amazing Comic Conventions is always grateful that you choose to spend your weekend celebrating Pop Culture with us. We look forward to seeing you August 24-25-26 at Amazing Comic Con Aloha in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

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