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Biggest Pop Culture Event to hit Honolulu gets even more Action Packed-

Entertainment legend CHUCK NORRIS Headlines Amazing Comic Con Aloha February 23-24-25 at the Hawaii Convention Center.

CHUCK NORRIS has a huge footprint in Pop Culture around the world.  As an international film and television h4r, he starred in 24 movies such as DELTA FORCE, CODE OF SILECE, MISSING IN ACTION, EXPENDABLES and more.  His television show was the most successful Saturday Night entry on CBS with- WALKER, TEXAS RANGER running nearly 9 years and over 200 episodes.

Chuck Norris first made his mark as a six time, undefgeated World Karate Champion.  He was the first man in the Western Hempishere to be awarded the Western an Eith Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, revolutionizing Martial Arts in North America. Best Selling Author, Fitness & Wellness Expert, Vocal Proponent of US Military, community activism and political advocate are key parts of his resume and speak to his character

A genuine internet phenomenon, Norris has become the subject of countless Paul Bunyan-type fictional “facts” of his exploits, submitted by fans.  There are currently more than a million such “facts” floating around the web

Chuck Norris will be appearing exclusively at the Amazing Comic Con Aloha February 23-24-25.  He will be featured on the weekend programming appearing on the main stage panels.  Additionally Chuck Norris will host autograph sessions and Photo Ops with the fans of Hawaii.

Amazing Comic Con Aloha is the largest Pop Culture expo in the state of Hawaii! Featuring comic creators, media celebrities, anime, collectibles, video games, cosplay, funko pops and more, the show floor will be jam packed with and international Artist Alley and hundreds of exhibitors. This three day fan event is taking place in Honolulu at the Hawaii Convention Center February 23-24-25.

Tickets for Amazing Comic Con Aloha are ON SALE NOW! Single Day, Full 3day Admissions, and a limited number of VIP Experiences are available. Amazing Comic Con Aloha believes in great family value- Kids 12 and under are ALWAYS Free!

The family at Amazing Comic Con Aloha looks forward to seeing you in Honolulu at the Hawaii Convention Center February 23-24-25!


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