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#NERDSVOTEAmazing Comic Con ALOHA Spotlights: VOTING!

Amazing Comic Conventions would like to commend you for voting. Red or Blue, Yes or No- the important things is that you are active in your community, and country. We live in a world that is constantly changing, and our voices must be heard. On November 6, 2018 that is definitely the case as you make your way to the local polling locations.

In 1988, #NerdsVote movement was a BIT different than it is today. Comic Fans were asked to vote in a different matter completely. DC Published a 4 part story titled BATMAN: A DEATH in the FAMILY. Here, readers were urged at the key point of a controversial storyline to call in and cast their decision. The stakes of the comic comntinuity was buzzing- whether Joker slays Robin, or if Batman can come to save the day. Only a handful of votes decided Robin’s Final fate…

The writer of this storyline- JIM STARLIN- is a headline guest at the 2019 Amazing Comic Con Aloha. This creator was known for epics that stirred the hearts of the readers- from Thanos’ Fight with the Marvel Universe, to Captain Marvel’s battle with cancer, and of course this Batman tale- Death in the Family. Jim Starlin will be featured on weekend panels at Amazing Comic Con Aloha. He will be present each of the three days of the comic con- meeting the fans, signing books, and sharing his experiences inside of the comic industry. Want to know more about Amazing Comic Con events in Hawaii? Bookmark our homepage at and follow us on social media—-> Twitter: @AmazingComicCon Instagram: @AmazingComicCon Amazing Comic Con Aloha comes back to Honolulu February 22-23-24. The event takes place at the Hawaii Convention Center. Tickets are ON SALE NOW ONLINE with single day, full day, and VIP Options available. Discounted tickets for members of the Military are also available at ITT Locations. Kids 10 and under are always FREE at Amazing Comic Con Aloha in Honolulu Hawaii!

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