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BEST WEEK EVER! Amazing Comic Con looks at the world of Pop Culture!

The World of Pop Entertainment is constantly evolving. We are living in the Golden Age of Genre Entertainment- blitzed everyday by great movies, television shows, and even celebrities rocking our favorites! This blog posting goes to show you that there’s real no escaping the type of fun you will experience at the upcoming Amazing Comic Con events in Honolulu, Hawaii and Las Vegas too!


Last week, we posted a Save the Date, Save the Costume campaign on our website. And while we are always pushing for a spotlight on Cosplay at Amazing Comic Con events, check out some of our favorite looks from this past Halloween—->

Amazing Comic Con Aloha Guest TARA STRONG goes to her Teen Titans GO signature look with RAVEN. Be sure to meet her in Honolulu, Hawaii in February, along with creators MARV WOLFMAN and GEORGE PEREZ. Special Teen Titans/History of the DC Universe Package on Sale NOW!

Everything is AWESOME with Justin Timberlake, and his family!

Look for Hawaii Lego Users Group at upcoming Amazing Comic Con Aloha February 22-24 for lots of family fun!

Harley is Heating up again! Buffy Star, Sarah Michele Gellar dressed up as Daddy’s Little Monster this year. I guess she’s ready for the upcoming Birds of Prey Movie from DC. Come met Harley Quinnn’s fan favorite artist CHAD HARDIN at Amazing Comic Con Aloha in Honolulu, Hawaii Harley Quinn Fan Packages can now be added to your General Admission Tickets to Amazing Comic Con Aloha

No costume hit parade is complete with this NOW CLASSIC of pop singer Rihanna. Few years ago, she showed up with her squad as the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! Do you think your crew will dress special for guests like creator KEVIN EASTMAN? He’s coming to 2019 Amazing Comic Con Aloha and Las Vegas editions…


Fans of Amazing Comic Conventions know how much we love Robert Kirkman. We launched our brand of events with him in Arizona, worked with him at the very first Image Comic Expo, hosted signings with him and various Walking Dead cast members, and brought him out to meet the fans of Honolulu for our Amazing Comic Con Aloha.

This weekend's episode was HUGE for the Walking Dead on AMC as the show transitions away from Robert Kirkman’s Comic Book vision, and into fresh new ground, as lead cast member Andrew Lincoln exits the program. While Kirkman serves as the producer of the long running hit program, we look forward to the thrills and surprises of what comes next. As always we wish Robert Kirkman the very best!


OK we’re a little late coming to the party on this one but DAREDEVIL Season 3 on NETFLIX is downright awesome. Every Season the Amazing Comic Con staff absolutely freaks out at the choreographed brawls- episode 4 sets a new bar for excellence! Great acting, huge fight scenes, nice blend of source material- Daredevil might be just the very best representation in the golden age of genre entertainment we are experiencing…

Fans at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will recall we hosted star of Daredevil- CHARLIE COX as headline talent at 2018 convention.

While Amazing Comic Conventions is constantly evolving with the talent we showcase at our events, you can ALWAYS count on COMIC BOOKS being front and center. Media guests bring a ton of excitement to our events, but we make sure the genre guests tie directly back into graphic novel world, and sci-fi universes, which are the cornerstone of our brand.

Want to know more about Amazing Comic Con events in Hawaii and Las Vegas? Bookmark our homepage at and follow us on social media—->

Twitter: @AmazingComicCon

Instagram: @AmazingComicCon

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