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CELEBRATING THE ARCHITECTS OF POP CULTURE: Amazing Comic Conventions pays tribute to two fallen crea

This past week, the comic community lost two legendary talents- Marie Severin (August 21, 1929 – August 29, 2018) and Gary Friedrich (August 21, 1943 – August 28, 2018).

Marie Severin was inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame of Comics in 2001. She was best known for her works on the EC Comics Titles, and Marvel Comics, where she drew Doctor Strange, Hulk, Iron Man, Conan, Sub-Mariner, Daredevil and more.

Gary Friedrich was a writer in the Silver Age of Comics. Credits include Nick Fury, Monster of Frankenstein, and more. He created the supernatural characters of Marvel such as Ghost Rider and the Son of Satan.

Amazing Comic Conventions believe that the best Pop Culture starts with comics, and their creators. We often mention a term- the ARCHITECTS OF POP CULTURE-as someone who generates the characters we love, the graphic novels we read, the action stars which light up the cineplex, shape the toys we collect, the games which we play. Marie Severin and Gary Friedrich fit this description. Their passing should have a profound impact on the fan community, and with their lives celebrated along with their creations.

Life is short, and can be fragile, and should never be taken for granted. I ask that everyone in the fan community personally thank their own heroes, the people who generate the things we love. There's no time like the present to celebrate greatness. Amazing Comic Conventions will be featuring the brightest names who have influenced a wide spectrum of Pop Culture.

We hope to see you at Amazing Con Aloha, and celebrate Pop Culture together. AMAZING CON ALOHA is the biggest event if its kind in Hawaii, and takes place in Honolulu at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Kids 10 and under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing Comic Con Aloha Edition.

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