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AMAZING COMIC CON ALOHA #1 Pop Culture Event also Tops Featuring Local Talent from HAWAII

Amazing Comic Conventions has a reputation of bringing the very best talent to fans of Hawaii. When we launched our very first event in Honolulu, we brought the likes of Stan Lee, Rob Liefeld, and more. We followed that through the years with creators such as Jim Lee, Robert Kirkman, Brian Michael Bendis, Todd McFarlane and others. In 2017 we added media component to our event with William Shatner and members of the your favorite Sci Fi and Genre movies and TV. We continue this year with a star from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Evangeline Lilly and surrounded her with best comic talent on the convention circuit today…

And while much attention has been made about this carousel of pop culture personalities, Amazing Comic Con has always kept a key goal from the very start of our events in Hawaii. We want to showcase the very best local talent in comics, art, cosplay and more alongside these stars.

In previous site entries for Amazing Comic Con Aloha we have spotlighted great talent with roots in Hawaii. Look no further than Game of Thrones Artist MOG PARK and Marvel Cover Artist DAVID NAKAYAMA .


Amazing Comic Con Aloha features the largest amount of Independent Comic Creators, Artists, and Cosplayers from the State. Here are some great faces you should track down in Honolulu at Amazing:

*SAM CAMPOS with Kawasaki Productions is the “Godfather of the Hawaiian Comic Book Scene”. His creator owned PINEAPPLE MAN led the charge of locally produced comics. At its launch, Campos’ creation outsold industry leaders such as Batman and X-Men with the state. In addition to Pineapple Man, Sam is a filmmaker and a founder of the Hawaiian Comic Book Alliance. He is making his only Honolulu convention appearance with Amazing Comic Con Aloha.

*HAWAIIAN COMIC BOOK ALLIANCE -visionaries living in Hawaii, creating stories diverse in nature. Check out the names, faces and projects below-

*WYNETTE SABALBURO or as convention goers know her HSXX. Wynette is a local artist living in Honolulu, known for her great use of colors and coipic markers. Favorite subjects include Gaming Culture from Capcom Street Fighter to Overwatch and more. Check out her prints, sticker collections, and commission work in the artist alley at Amazing Comic Con Aloha.

*NIGHT DARLING COSPLAY- one of the best known costumers in the State of Hawaii, the artist who goes by “Night Darling” lives in Maui. She has thrilled crowds creating real life versions of cartoons, horror icons, and Video Game Favorites. Look for Lindsay to be a part of the Saturday Night Costume Contest taking place at Amazing Comic Con Aloha.

For Updates on Amazing Comic Con Aloha taking place in Honolulu, Hawaii, please continue to check back on our official website and through our social media channels:

Instagram @AmazingComicCon

AMAZING COMIC CON ALOHA is Hawaii’s premiere Pop Culture Fan Fest, taking place in Honolulu at the end of AUGUST 24-25-26. The event returns to the Hawaii Convention Center bigger than ever before, a fusion of the very best creators and pop personalities in the world, added with local favorites from the Hawaii Community, extensive programming, an International Artist Alley, and the Wizards of Cosplay.

Tickets for Amazing Comic Con Aloha are ON SALE NOW. Single Day Tickets, Full 3day Admission, and a Limited Number of VIP Packages are still available. Discounted Tickets for members of the Military are available at ITT Centers on base.

Kids 10 and Under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing Comic Con ALOHA!

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