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As fans across Hawaii race to see the AVENGERS INFINITY WAR opens this weekend, Amazing Comic Con Aloha is your place in Honolulu to celebrate all things Avengers!

As Amazing Comic Conventions updated our site for 2018 season, we began with the BIGGEST event of the coming year. Amazing Comic Con Aloha will feature the AVENGERS INFINITY WAR. Additional Announcements and Guest List updates for our event in Honolulu, Hawaii centers around the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE as well.

Amazing Comic Conventions believes that coolest elements in Pop Culture begin with COMIC BOOKS. Because of this, a major focus of our events center around introducing these key CREATORS to a wider audience. The spotlight is on the true Architects of Pop Culture- responsible for our favorite characters, storylines, and source material.

JIM STARLIN was the driving creative force of the cosmic mythos of Marvel. In the Bronze Age of Marvel Comics, Jim Starlin created the Mad Titan THANOS in the pages of Iron Man #55. He went on the create a cast of characters around Adam Warlock, which include GAMORA, DRAX, and others. These faces found their way into the modern Guardians of the Galaxy.

After some time away, Jim Starlin returned to the Marvel Universe in the 1990s. He wrote the epic Infinity Gauntlet Trilogy, with where his signature character Thanos took the spotlight. Stalin was joined by RON LIM, as the two collaborated on Silver Surfer, Thanos Quest, and Infinity War. Much of these two runs serve as the backbone for the newest Marvel Cinematic Adventure!

Amazing Comic Con continues to build an AVENGERS line-up with many of our 2018 Guest announcements, beyond the Infinity War Team. Our Media Announcement centered around a high profile character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. EVANGELINE LILLY- best known to audiences as the WASP returns to Hawaii. She will be headlining the next installment of the Marvel Movie Franchise, Antman & The Wasp- in theaters just a few weeks before Amazing Comic Con Aloha opens our doors at the Hawaii Convention Center.

AMAZING COMIC CON ALOHA is more than JUST the Avengers though. There is something for EVERYONE at the 2018 event- from Cosplay, to Extensive Programming, Anime, Video Games, Workshops, and more- a virtual fusion of every fan’s delight. The event opens at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu on Friday August 24, and continues through the weekend August 25, and Sunday August 26.

Single Day Tickets, Full Event passes, and special VIP Premiums are ON SALE NOW! Fan Packages such as INFINITY MARVEL and the EVANGELINE LILLY/Marvel Cinematic Experience are ALMOST Sold Out. Act Today!

Also remember-

Kids 10 & Under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing Comic Con Aloha!

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