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Amazing Comic Con believes that our “fan events” emphasize the traditional elements of COMIC BOOKS. We will always focus on comic book creators as the Architects of Pop Culture- the very sure of all the things we love…

Amazing Comic Con Aloha Edition carries out this theme by spotlighting a special point in the history of Batman. The 2018 Season has been epic for the Caped Crusader, as he takes the next step in his relationship with Catwoman. Fans of Hawaii will be seated in the front row for the nuptials, with our previous announced guest JOELLE JONES, and our newest addition- CLAY MANN!

JOELLE JONES is the flagship artist of main title BATMAN. While her Wonder Woman guest arc certainly was a crowd pleaser, it was the landmark issue #44 that placed her on the map of key historical significance- here, Catwoman steals her designer wedding dress, an event that was captured by the mainstream/real world media outlets. The issue experienced a nationwide sell through, with fans scrambling for copies of this title. Further, Joelle Jones will be taking over a CATWOMAN solo series launching in July, concurrent with the landmark Batman 50.

CLAY MANN is returning to the Amazing Comic Con Aloha Edition in 2018. And while he has drawn Batman in the pages of Poison Ivy, Trinity, and more, Clay’s connection to the Batman/Catwoman wedding is from pencilling the DC NATION #0. Here, the diabolical Joker gives new meaning to the term “Wedding Crasher”.

Joelle Jones and Clay Mann are scheduled to appear at Amazing Comic Con Aloha in Honolulu Hawaii on each of the three days- Friday August 24, Saturday August 25, and Sunday August 26. They will have their own artist alley table locations, and be available to sign books and sell commissioned art and prints. Both Joelle Jones and Clay Mann will be featured in the weekend programming. Please continue to check the official Amazing Comic Con Aloha site for event updates for our gathering in Honolulu, Hawaii. Also be sure to follow us on social media channels:

Instagram @AmazingComicCon

Amazing Comic Con is celebrating the DC Wedding event by bringing the artist talent associated with the event with Jones and Mann. Additionally, we will be offering a special BATMAN/CATWOMAN Ultimate Fan Package which will include DC Nation #0, Batman #44 Variant, Batman 50 Wedding, and Catwoman #1 Variant. As a special Bonus, we will include a Batman Rebirth 1 as well. This fan package, as well as other VIP and Premiums offered will also include perks such as early admission, early badge pick-up, pre-party and more.

Amazing Comic Con Aloha will be opening our doors in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Hawaii Convention Center August 24-25-26. Tickets are available ONLINE from single day tickets, full 3day event passes, and the limited VIP Premium Packages. Your can purchase these HERE.

Also remember-

KIDS 10 AND UNDER ARE FREE at Amazing Comic Con Aloha!

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