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Amazing Comic Conventions’ goal to bring the most complete fan experience to Hawaii has expanded the scope of our event. This year, we are spotlighting social media sensations The Anime Man and Aki Dearest.

The Anime Man- aka Joey, is a Youtuber with over 1 million subscribers. He discusses Anime topics, and occasionally reviews Anime as well.

Twitter: @TheAn1meMan

Instagram: @Joey.the.Anime.Man

Aki Dearest- aka AKI- is an Anime/Otaku youtuber with over 970,000 subscribers sharing her various interests and and ideas of otaku and anime culture.

Twitter: @akidearest

Instagram: @akideares

Look for Joey and Aki to be on a number of panels at Amazing Comic Con including the following:

How to be a Youtuber:

Anime youtubers, akidearest and Joey the anime man will discuss their journey as well as tips and advice into the world of Youtube!

Anime Discussion:

Come and discuss, rant, and share interests of anime with anime youtubers!

The Anime Man and Aki Dearest will be appearing on each of the days of Amazing Comic Con. Look for their Merch tables on the convention floor, and their programs throughout the weekend.

Amazing Comic Con takes place AUGUST 25-26-27 at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. The Best Comic Creators on the planet, Fresh Media stars, Wizards of Cosplay, Thrilling Video Games, and Anime will be featured at the best fan gathering in the state of Hawaii!

Tickets for Amazing Comic Con are ON SALE NOW.

Also look out for Premium Ticket Packages for Anime and More!

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