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Amazing Comic Conventions believes that pop culture begins with creators. This past weekend, the creative community lost one of its most influential voices, a true architect of Pop Culture with Bernie Wrightson. A number of posts have flooded us on social media, many think pieces have been written for this true titan of our industry. But it’s important for each and every fan to share…

Bernie Wrightson was famous for a number of comic related projects, bringing the eerie macabre to the mainstream. He created SWAMPTHING for DC Comics, drew horror titles for Marvel, DC, and the Independents in the 1970s and 80s. He was known for intricate illustrations that breathed new life into Frankenstein, and Horror Classics. He tackled mainstream characters like Batman, Justice League, and Spider-Man…

And while everyone could point to their favorites, my favorite work of Bernie Wrightson was his collaboration with Stephen King for the novella, CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF. Elegant gore. And I could submit a book report on it in Junior High. This book became my personal gateway drug to monthly comics. Without this, I don’t know if i would have found the House of mystery, or Pacific’s Twisted Tales, or Batman the Cult, The Hooky Graphic Novel or The Weird. I don;’t know if we would have fallen passionately i love with the comics medium….

Amazing Comic Conventions has worked with a virtual who’s who of our favorite comic professionals. Sadly Bernie was not on this list, he was a creator who we always admired from afar, hoping to catch up with in the near future…

Fandom is a funny place- we often don’t tell the creators we love their work until after it’s gone. This is something that we hope to change with each and every Amazing Comic Con event- we believe writers and artists, and their work, should be celebrated in the present. We want to bridge gaps where fans can have this access with their favorites. Here we spotlight the creators, their journeys, their creations, and the greater pop culture which we love to collect, and experience.

We hope that you can continue with us, celebrating these key figures this summer-

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con: June 23-25.

Amazing Comic Con: August 25-27

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