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Amazing Comic Con continues to prove it is the top event in fandom, as we host the biggest names in Pop Culture. Coming to Honolulu this August will be action star- JASON DAVID FRANK!

Jason David Frank is an American actor and professional mixed martial artist notable for his portrayal of Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers.

With perhaps the longest and most detailed history in Power Rangers continuity, JDF’s Tommy Oliver is the clearly the most popular character of the franchise. He originally appeared in the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger series as the Green Ranger, and then the White Ranger. In its second incarnation, Power Rangers Zeo, Jason David Frank portrayed the Red Ranger, and continued as Red in the third incarnation of the series, Power Rangers Turbo. Throughout years, Jason David Frank appeared as Zeo Ranger, Dino Thunder’s Black Ranger, and the season finale of Power Rangers Super MegaForce. Jason David Frank appeared in both theatrical movies of the Power Rangers.

Jason David Frank will be joining the previous announced guests to Amazing Comic Con: Star Trek’s William Shatner, Image Comics Founder Todd McFarlane, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Creator Kevin Eastman. MANY more guests will be revealed in the coming weeks from the world of comics, blockbuster movies, video games, animation, and beyond!

Amazing Comic Con takes place AUGUST 25-26-27 at the Honolulu Convention Center. Tickets twill be going on sale SOON. Please continue to check the website and social media for updates.

Kids 10 and Under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing Comic Con !

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