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Honolulu’s #1 Pop Culture Fan Fest is the Amazing Comic Con Aloha, returning to the Hawaii Convention Center February 21-22-23. The biggest running Comic Con event of its kind in State of Hawaii, you will find the very best in Entertainment, Comics, Cosplay, Video Games and more at the Amazing Comic Con Aloha!

Over the past several months on our website and through our social media updates the spotlight has primarily been on comic books, characters, and creators. Did you know however that Amazing Comic Con Aloha is the #1 Anime Event in Honolulu as too? Check out our roster of guests featured in the top franchise- MY HERO ACADEMIA. You’e watched the shows, sent the gifs, and collected the Funko Pops- now it’s your chance to meet the squad!

*JUSTIN BRINER plays the lead character in My Hero Academia- Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku. At My Hero Academia, Izuku is the only kid attending high school for super heroes, with no natural powers himself. Showcasing courage, loyalty, and fair play. Justin Briner brings an optimistic nerdiness, and heroic attitude to the saga.

*CLIFFORD CHAPPIN plays the fan favorite bad boy- Bakugo- in My Hero Academia, Other Roles include Connie Springer on Attack on Titan, Hideyoshi Nagachika from Tokyo Ghoul, Yuri Dreyar from Fairy Tail, and many others. Clifford Chappin has also worked on the other side of the mic, as director at Funimation. **Please note- Clifford Chappin is scheduled to appear on FRIDAY February 21 and SATURDAY February 22 only.

*JUSTIN COOK is prolific in the animation industry working as a voice actor, line producer, Director and more. My Hero Academia, Justin Cook plays Eijiro Kirishima, Red Riot. On Attack on Titain, he plays Jurgon, and has over a half a dozen or more chacter credits on Dragon Ball Series.

*LUCI CHRISTIAN plays the lovable Ochako in My Hero Academia, Deku’s Crush. She has a number of credits for Funimation including Appleseed, Trigun, and One Piece, where Luci plays the lead femal navigator Nami.

As a special bonus Amazing Comic Con was able to secure an additional Voice Actor, ADR Director, and Script Adaptor for Funamation Productions- Kristen Maguire.

*KRISTEN McGUIRE has worked on over a hundred and fifty different titles, but she is most well known for her roles as Tatami Nakagame in My Hero Academia. For the popular RWBY she plays Young Nora. **Please note- Clifford Chappin is scheduled to appear on FRIDAY February 21 and SATURDAY February 22 only.

While the selection of voice talent is well known as an ensamble cast for the top Anime in North America- MY HERO ACADEMIA, we encourage you to seek out additional credits by each member. While we listed just some of their respective roles, their body of work includes just about every fan favorite title from DRAGON BALL to ATTACK on TITAN, ONE PIECE, RWBY, and many more.

Look for a number of Anime Panels and Fan activities scheduled on each of the days of the Amazing Comic Con Aloha February 21-22-23 at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. Full Program guide will be released in early February.

Please continue to check the official Amazing Comic Con Aloha site for event updates for our gathering in Honolulu, Hawaii. Also be sure to follow us on social media channels:

Instagram @AmazingComicCon

Amazing Comic Con Aloha will be opening our doors at the Hawaii Convention Center in just a few short weeks in 2020 on February 21-22-23. Single Day Tickets, and Full 3-Day Event Passes are ON SALE NOW through our site. A Limited number of VIP and Premium Packages are also on sale including special ANIME VIP. Quantities are extremely low and will sell out soon!

*Discounted Tickets for Military are available at ITT Locations in Hawaii as well

And as always, KIDS 10 AND UNDER ARE FREE at Amazing Comic Con Aloha!

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