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While the world is being rocked by THE AVENGERS, Marvel Studios dropped another bombshell. Here the newest trailer for the next cinematic chapter is released for ANTMAN & THE WASP!

Amazing Comic Con Aloha announced that the title actress EVANGELINE LILLY will be attending the event on Saturday and Sunday. There is still another announcement from Honolulu’s favorite Pop Culture event.

Marvel Studios lead concept artist ANDY PARK has been added to the roster for Amazing Comic Con’s event in Hawaii this summer.

Andy Park is a lead character concept artist for Marvel, serving as the supervisor in the the Visual Development Department. He has worked on virtually every Marvel movie since he began in 2010. His designs are very prominent in Antman & Wasp, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor Ragnorak, and the upcoming Captain Marvel.

Andy Park rose through the ranks of traditional comic books before his tenure at Marvel Studios. He broke into the industry as a teenager working at Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios. After a brief sabbatical, he launched the #1 best selling TOMB RAIDER for Top Cow Productions. He later contributed cover work for Marvel Comics, Dark Horse and DC Comics. Later, Andy Park was lead concept artist for Sony’s GOD OF WAR video game franchise before his work at Marvel Studios.

AMAZING COMIC CON Aloha centers firmly around comic books and their impact on Pop Culture. While the Marvel Movies thrill the local cineplex in Honolulu and beyond, our events showcase the building blocks to the phenomenon. From Comic Creators, the Key Movie Personnel, the actual stars of the films- Amazing Comic Conventions brings all of this to fans of Hawaii.

Please continue to check the official Amazing Comic Con Aloha site for event updates for our gathering in Honolulu, Hawaii. Also be sure to follow us on social media channels:

Instagram @AmazingComicCon

Single Day Tickets, Full Event passes, and special VIP Premiums are ON SALE NOW! Fan Packages such as INFINITY MARVEL and the EVANGELINE LILLY/Marvel Cinematic Experience are ALMOST Sold Out. Act Today!

Also remember-

Kids 10 & Under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing Comic Con Aloha!

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